2985 N Brookfield Road, Brookfield, WI

Service Price List for Designer: Jennifer Llanas 

GROUP NAME          SERVICE NAME                     PRICE     TIME
COLORcolor$45.001 hr 30 mins
 color/cut$85.002 hrs
 highlight$90.002 hrs
 highlight/cut$130.002 hrs 30 mins
 refreshing$10.000 mins
 lighten/tone$90.003 hrs
 partial highlight$55.001 hr 30 mins
 partial highlight/cut$100.002 hrs
 mini highlight$40.001 hr
 base adjust/haircut$85.001 hr 30 mins
HAIRCUTTINGchildren 12 & under$18.0030 mins
 junior haircut$23.0030 mins
 men's haircut$30.0030 mins
 women's haircut$40.0045 mins
 bang trim$10.0015 mins
HAIR STYLINGshampoo/style$25.0030 mins
 special occasion (long)$45.001 hr
 special occasion (short)$30.0045 mins
 up-do$50.001 hr
 bridal$60.001 hr 30 mins
CONDITIONINGconditioning$10.0015 mins
 scalp treatment$20.0030 mins
TEXTUREpermanent wave$80.002 hrs
 permanent wave/cut$120.002 hrs 30 mins
 straightening heat$350.004 hrs 30 mins
 straightening cold$150.002 hrs 30 mins
WAXINGeye brow$15.0015 mins
 upper lip$10.0015 mins
 chin$15.0015 mins
 eyebrow/lip/chin$40.0030 mins
All pricing is subject to change due to length, texture and style of hair.

Service Price List for Designer: Pam Zomchek 

GROUP NAME          SERVICE NAME                     PRICE     TIME
HAIRCUTMen's haircut$22.0030 mins
 Women's haircut$30.0045 mins
 Women's cut/style$35.0045 mins
KID'S HAIRCUTSGirl's$15.0030 mins
 Boy's$10.0030 mins
 Junior's$15.0030 mins
COLOR/HIGHLIGHTColor retouch$35.001 hr 30 mins
 Color/cut$70.002 hrs
 Mini highlights$20.0045 mins
 Partial highlights$60.001 hr 45 mins
 Lights/cut$100.002 hrs 15 mins
 Extra color$10.000 mins
PERMSFull perm$70.002 hrs 15 mins
 Partial perm$50.002 hrs
STRAIGHTENINGHot smooth$380.004 hrs 30 mins
 Cold smooth$200.003 hrs
SPECIAL STYLESShampoo/style$25.0045 mins
 Special style$40.001 hr
 Long hair style$40.001 hr
 Bridal style$60.001 hr 15 mins
CONSULTATIONBridal style consult$30.001 hr
All pricing is subject to change due to length, texture and style of hair.

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